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A and B Plumbing

At a time when home comfort and dependability are of the utmost importance, A & B Plumbing Heating and Cooling shines as a symbol of reliability, knowledge, and unparalleled service. This family-owned company has been in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry for decades, and its name has come to represent excellence and reliability. Your home’s functionality and comfort are always maximized by A & B Plumbing, thanks to their blend of traditional values and cutting-edge solutions.

Comprehensive Services Tailored for You

Expert Plumbing Solutions

A & B Plumbing provides comprehensive plumbing services, including repairs for both emergency leaks and regular maintenance. Their crew is just as committed and knowledgeable when it comes to solving simple and complicated plumbing problems, whether it’s in a home or a business. Their expertise lies in installing and servicing water heaters, cleaning and inspecting drains, and completing bathroom remodels with precision and attention to detail.

Heating and Cooling

A & B Plumbing provides expert HVAC services because we know how important it is for your home’s climate control system to work properly all year round. Installation and repair of HVAC systems, as well as maintenance and repair of energy-efficient HVAC systems, are among their services. Regardless of the weather, they will make sure you are comfortable by highlighting dependable heating solutions.

Water and Septic System Expertise

When it comes to septic system installation and repair and water treatment, A & B Plumbing is the go-to experts because they understand the importance of clean water and effective waste management. Your water supply will be clean and safe to drink with these services, and your property will be maintained in an eco-conscious manner.

Custom Solutions 

If you are building your dream home, A & B Plumbing can optimize your plumbing system from the start with their custom plumbing for new construction. They are experts in installing and servicing well systems, which they will work to incorporate into your property’s design and functionality.

Why Choose A & B Plumbing?

A Legacy of Trust

Since its founding in 1985, A & B Plumbing has been known for providing exceptional service. They have become the go-to option in Bay City and beyond thanks to their dedication to honesty, professionalism, and happy customers. The team’s commitment to offering trustworthy services guarantees that your family will be safe and comfortable.

Family Tradition of Quality

The Sparta, WI community benefits from B and B Plumbing’s extensive plumbing services, which reflect the company’s commitment to dependability and expert service. With a solid reputation that dates back to 1959, they have taken care of septic systems, water treatment, and bathroom remodels alike. B and B Plumbing has been providing Sparta and the surrounding areas with unmatched service for three generations, and the current owner, Luke Devereaux, is the third generation to lead the company.


How often should plumbing be inspected?

To keep your plumbing system in good working order, inspections should be done regularly. Avoid serious problems by getting a checkup at least once a year, according to experts.

Benefits of regular HVAC maintenance checks?

You can save money on energy bills and get more use out of your system by keeping up with routine maintenance.

Emergency plumbing repair near me?

At any hour of the day or night, you can rely on A & B Plumbing’s fast emergency services to handle any plumbing emergency.

Cost of bathroom remodel with plumbing services?

How much money you’ll need to remodel depends on its size and scope. When it comes to bathroom remodels, A & B Plumbing offers honest pricing and top-notch service.

How to choose a water treatment system?

You should think about your household’s water consumption in addition to the particular water problems you’re experiencing. If you need assistance choosing a system, A & B Plumbing is here to help.


Count on A & B Plumbing as your reliable ally on the path to a home that is cozy, secure, and energy efficient. They will make sure your house is always a safe haven for you and your family by carrying on a tradition of excellence, providing a variety of services, and being dedicated to your happiness. A & B Plumbing offers professional plumbing, HVAC, and more, so you can relax knowing that your home is well-maintained.

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